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LEAF Battery Survey FAQ

Nissan Leaf

How to Correct a Report

To amend a report, use the LEAF Battery Survey Update Report and select "correct an error or omission." If you made a mistake entering your VIN, send an email to [leaf-survey at pluginamerica dot org].

How to Update a Report

To update a report with new data, use the LEAF Battery Survey Update Report and select "submit a new report".

Manufactured Date Sticker

Finding the manufactured date sticker has been challenging for many owners, myself included. Once you see where it is, it seems pretty darn obvious, but when you're fumbling around in the dark with a flashlight trying to find it the first time, it can be a challenge. I've added photos and instructions to the survey page which I hope will make it clear where the sticker is.

What's a Battery Report Card?

When you get your annual service done, the Nissan dealer should download the battery history from your Leaf. From this, they can generate a battery report card that gives a 1 to 5 star rating in each of four categories of charging and driving behavior that may affect battery health.

Perceived Range

Because the Leaf's instrumentation on state-of-charge and battery capacity is so coarse, it's difficult for owners to determine their car's battery capacity with any great precision. The range estimate is heavily influenced by several factors including variations in recent driving, weather, road conditions, and pack temperature. All of these other factors make it very difficult to know what variations in pack capacity contribute to the variability of the estimated range owners see each morning after a charge.

Some owners judge their car's battery capacity by looking at the estimate range number after each charge, which has the issues mentioned above. Others carefully track their energy consumption during each charging session and correlate that with how much of the battery they used the day before based on bars and low battery warnings.

Despite the difficulties presented in owners having very little direct information on pack capacity and range, when it comes to customer satisfaction, perception is king. The question about perceived range is there because I wanted find out how people feel about their range, whether or not there is a solid scientific backing to how they arrive at that perception.

Getting NissanConnect℠ EV (aka Carwings) Data

To get the data that Nissan collects from your car on miles driven and energy use (if you accept the data upload option):

You should now see your stats (distance travelled, average energy economy, electricity consumption, etc.) for the current year. Use the back arrow by the year to see previous years.

Getting the Survey Data

There are two pages that show the basic data from the survey. The Vehicle List page lets you click on column headers to sort by that column, e.g., odometer, build date, capacity bars, etc. The results page has a link to the survey report as well as links to download the raw survey data.

Vehicle list
Results Page


For questions or support, email [leaf-survey at pluginamerica dot org].

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